BRAMCO Partnership


BRAMCO Partnership

Who is BRAMCO Financial Resources?

BRAMCO Financial Resources is the nation’s leading Brokerage Organization dedicated to providing insurance solutions and increased profitability to our producers. We are a powerful union of the country’s most distinguished Brokerage Insurance Firms. BRAMCO uses our organization’s influence with top carriers to offer you solid products with superior compensation that commands the greatest value for you and your clients.

Our goal is to act as your business consultant, not just a provider of insurance products. BRAMCO’s combined leverage obtains the most favorable underwriting possible and we are committed to providing prompt responses throughout your sales and underwriting process.

The Advantage of Working with a BRAMCO Partner

Working with a BRAMCO Partner gives you access to today’s highest rated nationally recognized companies offering an array of competitive, consumer-oriented products. BRAMCO affords you – the Financial Services Professional – the ability to analyze your client’s situation objectively and gives you the resources to make the most appropriate product recommendations. BRAMCO serves as your personal in-house expert, attending to your every need during each facet of the sales process and beyond.

We bring together the most critical elements of success to the independent brokerage business… competitive products, strong management support, aggressive impaired risk underwriting, personalized sales support, substantially enhanced compensation, advanced technology and centralized processing.

BRAMCO's Mission: BRAMCO Financial Resources is a leading insurance brokerage organization committed to delivering support to our Partner firms. That support translates into high-end advisor and consumer value through our unparalleled insurance carrier relationships, concierge services, competitive insurance solutions and more. We provide our Partner firms and producers with the critical information for the sale that everyone should, but not everyone does.

*To thoroughly understand and care about our partner firms, their producers and their clients
*Foster deep, longstanding relationships helping to ensure the best possible consumer experience
*To maintain and leverage differentiated relationships with highly-rated insurance carriers
*To act as a business development consultant, not just a provider of insurance products
*To obtain the most favorable underwriting decisions possible
*To provide prompt responses throughout the sales and underwriting process
*To provide our Partner firms with the latest proprietary resources and support allowing producers to spend more time with consumers doing what they do best: Providing trusted advice and delivering the highest level of value to clients

For more information, please visit the BRAMCO Website.